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Boulder Fertility Counseling & Help With Conception

Difficulties with getting pregnant or miscarrying can feel like an emotional roller coaster with feelings of hope one moment and grief and despair the next.  Along with this set of feelings, old issues that have not been close to the surface for a while, can get stirred up. Old sensitivities and vulnerabilities can return and complicate matters. The stressor of fertility can give rise to conflict between couples as well as with other family members. Children can feel disappointed at not having a sibling and relatives can "put the pressure on" and give advice when one least needs it.

Side effects of fertility medications can contribute to the overall stress of the situation as one can often land up "not feeling quite like one self". There may be various effects, both physical and emotional, that can leave one feeling out of sorts or really lousy.

Although all these efforts are well worth it, taking some time to talk about one's feelings regarding conception and infertility can help to alleviate "the pressure cooker effect".

De-stressing, both mentally and physically, has a lot to do with being able to get pregnant. Talking with a skilled therapist about the feelings that inevitably arise due to fertility issues and getting all the support that one needs as one goes through this demanding and challenging phase of life are ways to reduce stress.

When fertility treatments are successful one can move on and enjoy one's hard earned success. However, when treatments fail, one is faced with tough choices. Does one, or the couple, want to adopt, choose a donor egg or accept a life without children? These can be very tough and painful decisions once a diagnosis of some kind of infertility issue has been made. Fertility counseling can be a good place to develop and exercise "one's voice" so as to say what it is that one feels, needs and desires. A skilled professional, with experience and expertise in this area, can help with figuring out which decision is best for oneself or for the couple. Please contact me at my Boulder office if you would like to discuss your situation.

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