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Freedom: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Boulder

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is dedicated to developing the ability to be as aware as possible of what one is thinking and feeling at any given time. One's awareness, or consciousness, becomes highly attuned via the interaction between self and other in the therapeutic relationship.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy also pays close attention to the root causes or unconscious motivation for thoughts, feelings and actions. Once the unconscious motivations become evident to both patient and therapist in the treatment (through the inevitable reenactments of our habits, assumptions and beliefs) the doorway to self awareness and freedom is opened.

Therapeutic engagement leads to compassion for oneself and the choices one has made. Talk therapy, with a person who is trained to listen on many levels, leads to freedom from habitual conditioning and beliefs which trap one in "ways of being" that are often unhelpful or painful.

When one is able to talk about what one has resisted seeing, thinking and feeling, the compulsion to incessantly repeat and reenact those "ways of being" dissolves. By identifying and coming to accept that which was once hidden and deemed unacceptable, one also frees oneself from accompanying patterns of self blame and attack. People feel freer and freer to accept all thoughts and feelings, while becoming more and more able to choose how to think, feel and act.


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